The list

So, to anyone who has taken time out of their lives to read my posts, first of all thanks! But more relevantly, you may have noticed I’ve had a few problems here. EVS isn’t for everyone, and I made a list for mentor of the issues I have here:

  1. I’m tired of having nothing to do, always sat in my room or at the table doing nothing, and never actually have money to do anything seeing as the commission is that bad.
  2. The only time I have contact with people in the office is for editors work or help with their English. Which obviously I am happy to help, but not 24/7, and I wish that wasn’t the only reason I ever get spoken to.
  3. The 3-different flat situation is not good, each flat keeps to themselves, I still haven’t officially met any of the new people in the other flats.
  4. Don’t feel like there’s a purpose for being here, I was told before Christmas there would be big changes and everything would be better.
  5. When it is the editors deadline I was so anti social trying to get everything sorted for the magazine, whilst other editors were out drinking and partying. Then I get left to sort everything out, with coordinator saying were acting like translators and not editors.
  6. I am really tired of the noise sometimes. It can be three in the morning and I can hear the volunteers shouting and screaming from the other apartments. My room is next to the elevator and a bathroom.
  7. There is no organisation – when there’s co-ordinator or mentor meetings volunteers do not turn up which then leads to just a bitching session. And then personal meetings with a couple of EVSers nobody turns up – week against racism, editors etc.
  8. The need to explain myself for everything, it shouldn’t matter how I am sat in a meeting, I’m there. I shouldn’t be in a situation where I have to confront people. Yes, I understand people may have ‘baggage’ or past experience… But it is ironic that the exact same arguments happened with other volunteers and now they have gone it starts with me? Obviously, the way I sit hasn’t changed these last 7 months so why has it started now? And then when I talk to people about it I need to be more “southern” – which is only said because its not allowed to be “be more Spanish” anymore.
  9. It is difficult to get any privacy here, everyone understands my phone calls, I told my mum I some private things and everyone heard and started asking about it later. Me and Jack can’t have conversations about things like the other volunteers because people know what we are talking about.
  10. I am really tired of all the headaches. I’m no good around all this smoke. Smoking in the house, the office, the city… just everywhere. I know a lot of people have told me “you should have thought about that before coming to Greece” but how was I supposed to know how strong the smoke was, and that I couldn’t even get away from it in the office or at home?!
  11. One mentor for 22 people is not enough, during my time here I have spoken to many EVS volunteers and they are a much smaller group and some even have two mentors – we have one, who’s part time.
  12. I am tired of it all. There has been so much drama, and so many arguments. There’s broken houses and horrible weather. You cannot force people to be friends or to get along. It’s enough, I don’t want to be here anymore.


And looking back at this list I can see the issues, and I can see how happy I am to be leaving.


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