The EVS application process…

So I don’t usually write anything about me on here, all there is in my posts are EVS related or travel, but right now there’s something a little more personal I want to share..

Leaving home for university was difficult, believe me. I was over a hundred miles away from my family and friends and when I arrived on campus I knew nobody, and I mean nobody. Over time I met some amazing people, and made some amazing memories that I will never forget.

But moving to university is nothing in comparison to moving to another country. Yes, I left when I was 21, an adult with experience of being away from home, but that does not mean I won’t feel homesick, or that I won’t miss certain people.

I began this adventure on a spur of the moment decision. I remember it all so well. Back before graduating I was looking for jobs, and I came across EVS on a online job board, and I thought, “I can apply, there’s no way I will be accepted to do something so big like this”, it said on the webpage it was a long and difficult process, ad that only a small minority get accepted and are given this opportunity. So I applied, and within two days, I already had a sending organisation and a hosting organisation was ready for an interview. The opportunity was there but I wasn’t sure what I wanted, moving and doing EVS is a hell of a big step.

And then I did something stupid. And I needed some space from home and certain people in my town. But still wasn’t too sure.

Then, the night after the stupid incident I went for a meal with this guy, I don’t know what it was, a date? friends? I have no idea. Well, anyway, it was a ridiculous night but definitely in a good way, we went for a meal and had a childish food fight in the middle of the restaurant, it took my mind off everything.

Then when we were walking home he told me he wanted to go travelling around Europe (although to be honest he had mentioned it before, but it was brief and after an awkward invite with him we never really spoke about it until that night.) I mentioned my interview with USB and he convinced me to do it, and take a risk every once in a while. I was a boring law graduate and I needed some adventure. So I agreed to the interview, and within hours it was prepared, I spoke to my now mentor through a Skype interview and I was accepted in the call, that was it.

Simple. All that was left was the technicalities of flights and dates then I was sorted.

But now I’m here, preparing to leave this experience and return home to my family, my friends and my old life. I’m excited, I’m nervous but I’m ready.



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