I’ve been in the city 8 months and yet I only know how to pronounce the basic Greek words and phrases.. I can order you beer and count to ten, I can have a small conversation with the man in the supermarket, I can tell you what date it is.. but that’s as limited as my knowledge is with the modern greek language.

If you ever do EVS, my advice is to go to a country you know a little of the language, or you are determined and prepared to learn it – or in my case, are able to pronounce the letters right..

Did anybody tell you that pronouncing Greek (or other European languages) is difficult for an English person?! well apparently us Northerners speak with our teeth, whilst many other countries speak with their tongue and throat. Which I learned in my very first Greek lesson, a Spanish volunteer really struggled with the “sss” noise, like in music, whereas I couldn’t do the “rrrr” with rolling the tongue. The struggles of modern youths.


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