A little bit more personal..

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, this guy I had a food fight with.. the guy who annoys me so much, the guy who calls me stupid names and sends weird drunk photos all the time, the guy who, even when I’ve been at the other side of the world still put up with all my bullshit.

Right now it’s an awkward point, and this maybe because of my EVS, I’m thousands of miles away, he’s in England and I’m still in Greece (although not for long) and it’s difficult to speak that much with the time difference and working different hours. But we’re arguing and I just wanted to give advice to other people.

If at anytime you feel like the person is treating you wrong, walk away, don’t accept any excuse of “Oh I’m busy” or “I forgot” all the time. Because it hurts. Just tell the person it bothers you, because for me I bottled it up for weeks and I exploded last night, and I don’t want that. So speak to them, it may cause a problem at first but I can guarantee things will get better if it’s worth it.



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