Quick Catch Up

So my plan to write a post everyday went out the window. I guess I have missed many days but that’s because I’ve been busy trying to get everything sorted before I go back home!

Day 7 – “clean monday”.. the day when I spent most of the time in bed or watching movies in the living room, quite content to be in my own company. It was a lazy day for the British, but I was productive with my work and organising all my papers. I learned I keep way too many irrelevant papers, it was the day to clean up!!

Day 8 – Office meeting, nothing too exciting, but I have slowly began telling people that I will leave. I learned not to care about people finding out so from now I will count down the days!!


18 Days left – we had an Italian pasta night which was fun. But beforehand we had an editors meeting. And it’s fair to say that before that meeting I was feeling very awkward, we didn’t have a good relationship and I didn’t know what to expect. But it went kinda well, I told the editing team I will leave before the next edition and we had cake! I learned that some people see me as “unapproachable” but that’s not just my problem.

17 Days left – It was mentor meeting day, we went for tickets for everyone to go to Athens, I learned I shouldn’t go to something just so I’m not left out. Because that was a longgggg day, waiting almost two hours to get tickets. JUST GET ON THE RIGHT BUS, IT’S EASY.

16 Days left – Balkan Beats meeting, I learned that some people will always want to take the lead. Although this meeting was set up by the original editing team it seemed like we were struggling to speak.

15 Days left – the day reserved for going to Katerini with Dafni got a little messed up, I got prepared, I was all ready to leave the house when I got a message “Gina do not leave your house”.. guess who didn’t do to Katerini. Never get your hopes up, people.

14 days left – boring day doing the rest of my personal project, then the house meeting in the evening. I learned some people are way more organised than others. But then we went out with the two new girls for souvlaki, which was a great way to end the day.

13 days left – Office meeting again, I am slowly slipping away. Organised the international night, I learned if you want something doing, do it yourself. Then beers at Kastra with the best people.

and today, today I have 12 days left… I will talk about that later.


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