Edessa waterfall

I went to the waterfall with Dafni a few weeks ago on a day excursion with a tour company.

It was quite a long bus journey, and for me it was very boring as everything was in Greek so I didn’t know what was going on.

As soon as we got off the bus we were hit with this loud, continuous, almost drumming noise and we knew we must have been close.

It was a beautiful sight, not only was the actual water fall spectacular but also the views in front of it too.

The downfall of this experience though, was the fee we paid to “walk through the caves underneath”.. the signs surrounding the waterfall explained this was a once in a life time view, and that tourists would see something they had never seen before. So paying the two euro fee we decided to go down.. the ‘walk’ was barely 10 feet, and then there was a stone wall, the cave was surrounded in electricity cables and light bulbs that it was difficult to get photos. Either there were cables in the way or it was so bright it just looked like a blank canvas.

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