Arcturos Bear Sanctuary

On the same excursion as Edessa we also went to the town of Nymfaio, which is high up on a mountain, where the air was so much thinner and the ground was covered in snow. The houses were very picturesque and the coffee shops were warm and cosy.

We were told by our tour guide that there was a bear sanctuary at the other side of the town, a few miles walk from where we were dropped off. So me and Dafni decided to go and visit, the ‘tour’ of the sanctuary was of course in Greek again, but I had Dafni translating for me, and I was more interested in seeing the bears anyway.

We were told the history of the bears, they were born for the circus and were used to human contact, it worried the workers as the sanctuary was to get them used to their natural habitat again. However this was becoming more successful as the bears were preparing for hibernation

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over winter for the first time ever.


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