Experience in Athens, thanks to the locals..

After a cold nights sleep, me and Jack woke with plans to meet Kostas who kindly offered to give us a walking tour of the city.

We left the house a little early and walked towards our meeting point – Acropoli metro station. The weather was dull and splatters of rain landed on the tourist filled streets. But that wasn’t going to dampen our mood… We were ready for the adventure!

With a few minutes left before we were supposed to meet with Kostas we decided to grab something to eat. We saw a cafe just opposite the station and decided it was probably the best place to eat so we didn’t miss his arrival.

The place was called The Croissant Cafe, with many options from doughnuts to sandwiches and of course a wide selection of croissants. Jack decided to have a square shaped cheese pie.. more out of curiosity than hunger.  Whereas I opted for a cheese and ham croissant, something that seemed very strange to me so I definitely had to try it!

At exactly 12:30 (the time we were supposed to meet with Kostas) he appeared from around the corner, which was a surprise, as many Greeks tend to turn up late when we organise something with them. He grabbed a coffee and we started our adventure.

We visited many places during the day, including Adrian’s gate, parliament and the national garden. It was really nice, and we were extremely lucky, to have a local show us around Athens because he knew many unique and sometimes hidden treasures in the city. He was also very good at explaining things and knew a lot about ancient Greece and the history of local areas.

When the tour had finished we were invited to his family home where his mother had cooked a traditional Greek family dinner. Something neither me or Jack had experienced in our many months of being in Greece. We had a selection of food and even had the chance to try octopus (something very different for us British). There was enough food to feed 20 people and such a variety that everyone would be happy.

We had such a lovely time and couldn’t be more grateful to Kostas and his family for making this such a memorable experience!!



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