Acropolis of Athens

On our second full day in Athens we decided to go to Acropolis, probably Athens most well known attraction.

We started the day by going to the Acropolis museum, where we were able to look around at many monuments and statues from the past. It was 5 Euros to enter and we were had to go through security and leave our bags in the storage as we were not allowed to carry large bags around the museum with us.

The museum was interesting but very big, and after a couple of hours there it was a lot of repetition and many were very similar. The artifacts were not something Jack was interested in and we were more excited for actually visiting acropolis than looking around the museum.But we wanted to get our moneys worth.

After many hours in the museum we began our walk up to acropolis, this was 10 Euros (but is considerably more expensive during the summer tourist period.) I was wearing three inch boots, which I thought was a bad choice when I was at the bottom, but the walk was nice and easy even in my shoes. It took us a few minuted to get to the top, and I have to admit it was extremely cold. At this point my iP

od had shut itself down because it was too cold to function. But the views were beautiful and definitely worth the walk and the money.

But I do believe it’s one of those things you only do once in your life, if you’ve seen it before there is no reason to do it again.

One negative thing about acropolis is that there is a lot of construction going on around the site and up close its not nice to see when you spend so much for there to be scaffolding and cranes everywhere. But I guess nothing can be changed about that.


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