Travelling to Athens

Today me and Jack started our adventure to Athens. It was a long journey, more than five hours on the train, watching the mountains rush past. Greek trains are so different to British trains, there was a lot of hills and sharp turns, a lot of snow and so many strange noises. It is safe to say I nearly punched Jack a few times out of fear.

When we arrived in the capital it was nothing like I expected, I thought of ancient Greek for historians, lots of old buildings and amazing sites, but walking out the train station all I saw was housing blocks, bright yellow taxis and the puddles made by the heavy rain that just covered the city.

Our flat we are stopping in was 4km from the train station, and we decided to explore and go by foot to the building, it was a long walk with all our luggage. The flat is unique, if i can say that… its not the best but it is definitely not the worst either, the room is cold, we have no entertainment, so its more for businessmen and women then two young adults to stay in.

We went out for dinner, at a family restaurant known as ‘smile’, the waitress was without a doubt one of the friendliest people I had met who work in a food place. The food wasn’t that great but both me and Jack were so hungry I don’t think we really noticed at the time – plus it was pretty cheap so we thought it was alright!!


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