My problems..

So basically this post is going to point out the issues I have whilst I’m over here;

1. I’ve been bitten. A lot. I have 12 bites right now, is this a joke?! I’ve spent too many euros buying mosquito spray, house spray, lotions and oils and it hasn’t made a difference.

2. I can’t find meat anywhere, yes there will be shops all around the city that sell certain meat, but near me all I can find is cooked sandwich ham. Where’s the chicken?!

3. It’s too hot at night. Yeah, I expected it to be pretty hot during the day but it just never cools down. During the day it’s 35 degrees and then at night it’s still in the late twenties, I’m tired of being hot all the time – and definitely not in a good way.

4. The heat is making me sweat so much my shoes constantly give me blisters. 2 boxes of plasters later I’ve resorted to wearing cheap flip flops and crying through the pain.

5. Where is the McDonalds?! Now this is too much. Every where you go you find Ronald McDonald chilling, but not here.. I googled it, the fast food shop has been permanently closed.

6. I can’t catch up on my soaps. These things never occur to you when you’re planning to move country, but iplayer and catch up don’t work here. What’s happening in hollyoaks?!

7. They don’t sell cider. More specifically kopperberg, there’s one shop, ONE, at the other side of the city that sells certain flavours.. I may need to organise transport and buy as much as possible. I’m staying as far away as possible from ouzo. Ew. Ouzo.

8. I didn’t learn Greek before I came, I can’t change the language on sites because I don’t know what English is. Where’s the flag to help?!

9. I’m drinking more water here per day than I did for a week back at home. Yes, water in bottles is cheap but I’d still spend €5 a day on water the way I’m going. So guess what, I’m drinking out the tap.

10. The hills are steep, I’m not a energetic/fit person.. I need a break half way up each path, GIVE ME FLAT ROADS ITS TOO HOT TO WALK UP HILLE EVERYWHERE I GO.


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