First full day in the city

So yesterday was the first full day in Thessaloniki, with temperatures of around 35 degrees all day and no shade, I decided to go explore.

I decided to keep it simple and just walk in the same direction for as long as I could, just because I didn’t want to get lost. I googled everything before I left and had 20+ screenshots of google maps saved in case of an emergency.

Obviously my main concern was keeping hydrated, especially seeing as I live on a hill and the last thing I want is to pass out trying to get home. I thought a litre of water (for a two hour walk) should have been enough – I was wrong. Luckily there’s plenty of stalls and shops to buy drinks from (I got two more litre bottles on my way).

The streets and roads in Greece are crazier than expected, especially in comparison to England. First of all I had to remember they drive on the other side of the road here, and then trying to cross major roads was a problem. So yes, they have crossings for pedestrians with the green man (like they do back home) but they’re automatic, you don’t press a button and wait, you just have to stand there.. For what seems like hours in the blistering heat of Greek summer until all the traffic lights turn red and the little green man appears. The cars are speeding down each road meaning to cross without this would be a danger and then relying on the closest set of lights is difficult too. Because, for example, if the traffic is going east and there’s a few lanes (all going the same direction) there’s a couple of lights than show different.. One could say green for the outside lane whilst the inside shows red and vica versa. Then there’s the motor bikes/scooters who don’t seem to stop at the lights (I nearly got run over 5 times) and even some cars seem oblivious to the fact the lights on red and pedestrians are crossing. I think it will take some time for me to get used to.

Anyway, I was walking down this long road to get to the sea front, fast forward about a mile and a half and I come across a college, but not just any college, a college partnered with my university back home. Coincidence right?

So I was a tourist for the day, taking way too many pictures and complaining because of the heat. But Thessaloniki is beautiful, it’s so diverse and breathtaking.. It’s history is shown throughout the city and I just love it.


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