First day in Greece; the flight went smoothly, the weathers beautiful and I am beyond tired.

After having set my alarm for 2am i am definitely ready for bed (even if it is 8pm Greek time). But today was the start of my new adventure.

It was the first time I had even been on a plane without my parents, trust me, there was plenty of tears at the airport when I said goodbye. So there I was, sat in a plane taking me to the other side of the world.. Completely surrounded by children. Take off was at 6am, I am definitely not a morning person but today I made an exception.

When I arrived at Thessaloniki airport I was told to get on a bus and meet them outside some shops. I don’t know Greek and the driver didn’t know English (with a very strong Yorkshire accent to make it worse) so asking whether it was the right bus was a nightmare. But there was so many kind people on the bus that helped sort out the situation. Shout out to the girl who helped me with the ticket machine (yes, there’s an actual ticket machine on the bus), to the kind man who let me go first because I was struggling, to the lady who warned me about my phone being unsafe and to the child who stopped me from falling over when the bus started – you’re all my heroes.

I was then showed around the office and my new home, meeting some lovely people along the way. I was worried that I would feel awkward or left out but those few I have met so far are proving me wrong.

Now I’m relaxing, sitting on the balcony watching the sun go down, and a cool breeze has appeared, it’s pretty lovely here.


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